Birds Beware

  Maybe my youngest son took to heart my love of birds when he started his window-washing business, naming it Birds Beware. Or perhaps it was just a catchy phrase.  In any event, there are some birds, even in Colorado, that need to beware, not of crashes into mirror-like windows, but of my wrath.  The most notable are starlings.  […]

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More Feathers

Remembering Pretty Boy and Printer reminded me of Chloe.  He (funny name for a “he”) was a White-eyed Conure, a pet of John Denver’s.  Yes, the John Denver.  A good friend of mine worked for John and noticed he was getting a little stressed about Chloe, who was a handful.  So Roben offered to empty his hands […]

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An Homage to Feathers

I suppose my love-affair with the flying creatures on our planet can be attributed to my Mom’s Mom, Nana, as all her grandchildren called her, as mine do me.  In Nana’s later years, she had “her” chair by the window.  Her knitting was nearby, always with the pink or blue yarn casted on and taking shape for […]

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Feathers That Delight

In my original post on “The Sandwich Generation” I mentioned that one of the things Kip and I provided for Mom’s amusement were birdfeeders attached to the windows near her recliner.  There are also other types of feeders near those to attract as many varieties of birds as possible.  I learned from a friend that […]

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Trains – Now and Then

My son Jacob and his lovely wife Becky, with their adorable two-year old Sofie settled into our home to watch Mom for four days.  They had a little help from our beautiful 17 year old grand-daughter Tia as Kip and I boarded the Amtrack from Glenwood Springs to Denver.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center, downtown.  Aaron and […]

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