“A Memory That Doesn’t Remember”

Mom’s lack of short-term memory is taxing and requires an infinite amount of patience.  In normal, day-to-day living, this is a challenge.  But recently family members faced serious health and legal issues.  During crisis, her lack of remembering anything for even 60 seconds has sent me “over the edge”. 

My husband and I have tried to develop strategies to deal with this during more “normal” times.  It’s still pending what we’ll do when things go beyond the normal stresses of life.

One realization we’ve had is that when she wants to bring something when going somewhere, even if it isn’t going to be used, we let her.  Otherwise, the rest of the time we’re out she’ll ask over and over and over again “Where is my …..?   Did I bring my…..?  Do you have my…..?”  If it’s in her hands she knows she has it and we avoid the endless litany.

Whatever I wear, she repeats everytime I walk into the room or out of it, “I really like that color on you.”  Or “I wish I had one like that.”  Initially I bought matching nighties for us and would try to wear the same color as she was.  I’d point out she had on the same thing, and this seemed to somewhat modify the repition.  But it isn’t always possible to do this, and of course, if Kip is caring for her, he’s not going to wear my nightgown!

I’m constantly on the lookout for memory aids, supplements, vitamins, etc.  Currently I’m giving her liquid Gingko in her morning drink of Pedialyte and T.J. Clark’s formula mentioned in a previous blog.  I haven’t noticed any improvement even though I’ve been doing this for about 5 months now.

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