What About the Beans?

One of our wonderful red-headed girls, the one who has the little red-headed beauty, served us beans the other night.  Well, ok, along with some other (wonderful!) foods.  She did some things I’d never heard of – like putting mangoes in her quacomole, which was extremely tasty.  But along with the delicious meal, she gave me something I’ve always wanted, but never knew I did – a bean education.  Here are a few of the facts she related:

Normal beans at the grocery store are at least 10 years old.  Then,  in my case, add to their shelf  life by 10 more years, and I think by the time they get eaten they’re  petrified!  Becky is much less inclined to feed her family the equivilent of pebbles, so she went on-line and found a site called ranchogordo.com. which provides “Heirloom” beans that were harvested in July.  No, not July 2000 or even 2005, but July 2009!  Heirloom beans specializes in unusual beans not found in stores and  beans that are older (again, not in age, but in history – in other words, not the hybrid, rehybided, dehydrated and bleached out variety we’re all so used to.)  But rather the older, traditional beans Mexicans used and loved generations ago.  Let me assure  you, I’ve never seen beans like these!  They were black beans and looked like tiny black shiny pearls.  I was tempted to string some and make a necklace.

Becky soaked them overnight and then simmered them with coconut oil added in the water, garlic and Jamaican all-spice.  (Do all countries have their particular all-spice?)  They simmered about three hours and were delicious.  Becky told me the fresher the bean, the shorter the cooking time and the less salt they require.  They were awesome, as was the evening. 

I’m always so amazed and pleased with what I learn from my kids.  (Though sometimes I more amazed than pleased, especially if it’s past history about my boys.  The older ones took great delight in convincing their little brothers that deer droppings were black beans – speaking of beans – and were delighted when they could convince the innocent little boys to eat them!)

I don’t think girls do things like that.



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  1. jacob koski Says:

    I like the entry about Becky but I don’t think that is the most flattering picture of her. What about from our wedding?