Worrisome Wounds

 A few years ago, Mom fell going up the three concrete steps to her front door at her home in Ohio.  It was amazing how long it took this wound to heal.  It didn’t require stitches or a doctor’s care, but was scraped and swollen and badly bruised.  This was during the time when she was still partially independent, and didn’t want to have anyone hovering over her.  So the wound healed pretty much on its own.  When she came to live with us, I could still see the damage on her leg.  Of course, her skin is like paper and I didn’t think it was going to make any sort of miraculous recovery. 

 But in October this year, she fell getting into my brother’s truck and again, really scraped up the front of her other leg, in exactly the same place as on the other  – right along the tibia or fibia – one of those.   The difference is this time she’s used to my hovering. 

 I put night cream on her face each evening (her skin resembles the skin of pictures we’ve all seen of antique Indians who spent their lives in the sun.  Mom’s been a sun-worshipper her entire life, and the map of her face well illustrates that.)   But at this point in her life, she’s accepting the ministrations of her daughter, even welcoming them.  (She’s always been a self-depreciating person and didn’t want to accept any help from anyone – didn’t want to “put them out.”)   But lately she’s allowed me, her only daughter, to tend to her in many ways – even to the humiliating point (for her) of cleaning her false teeth.  With this new wound, I treated the open part of it, which wasn’t too deep, but about a half inch wide, with Arnica cream.  As it scabbed over, I continued to use the Arnica to keep the wound from drying out.  I also kept swabbing the bruised areas with Witch Hazel, being careful to keep it out of the wound itself.  I noticed it was all healing quite quickly, so I began swabbing the other leg with it too.  There was, amazingly, still evidence of bruising from the years’ old injury.   When both legs were healed over, I started using a cream from Sam’s Club on her legs.  It’s rich in vitamins E, A and D.  Now, just one month later, both of her legs have improved and healed so well that they look as normal as any 89 year old person’s!  I’ve changed my opinion about “miraculous” recoveries (to a point, anyway).

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2 Responses to “Worrisome Wounds”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Helpful and interesting. Sounds like a similar problem my mother had when she either fell in or was pushed into a swimming pool.

  2. Jesse P (from OHIO) Says:

    Hello to all! Sounds like an interesting thing. Love the site!