Weeping Eyes

The “one who cares for everyone”  is an unusual person by the name of Kip.  He’s supported “the Bologna”since she was 14.  He’s shared all the problems she’s had.  In the blog ab0ut “Ones Mom Sometimes Remembers”, ” the Bologna”  spoke about Jeff  “In a Long Hard Fight” when he was in a hospital for a ruptured spleen and then again for a blood clot in his lung.  This hospital was in a town that didn’t have enough tax base to hire enough or even always competent nurses.  Kip was the one who slept under Jeff’s hospital bed to make sure the nurse didn’t try to put his leg in traction when it was his arm that was broken.  ( He was supposed to stay completely still.  Meanwhile the nurse was tossing his legs around looking for the broken one.).  Kip made sure Jeff didn’t have to throw his eating implements into the hall to get a nurse’s attention as other patients did.

Kip will play a large role in the experiences posted in this blog.  He’s played a large role in the lives of those written about here.  After 50 years of solving the dysfunctional problems of “the Bologna’s” dysfunctional family, if Kip is a little “off”, we all understand.  He’s caught it from us.  One of his current, and somewhat embarrassing problems is that he cries a lot.  Now, there is a lot to cry about.  But some of his apparent crying seems to be watery eyes.  Since we went through the Macular Degeneration experience with Mom, Kip now thinks he has that and will soon be blind. 

The reality of the situation, I think, is actually “dry eyes”.  As people age and the tear ducts don’t function as well as they once did, the eyes feel irritated, so they produce more tears. Tears are a protective coating for their eyes. They provide important nutrients, wash away dust and other particles and keep the eyes moist.  When they don’t produce enough or the right quality of tears, a condition results called keratitis sicca, commonly called dry eyes”.

The odd thing is that this unusual production of tears doesn’t make the eyes feel better.  The watery type of tears that are produced from irritation, emotion or injury don’t have the lubrication properties to prevent “dry eye”.  The cornea, covering the front of the eyes, needs a constant supply of “healthy” tears to stay healthy itself.  These tears are made of water, mucus and oil rather than the other watery type of tear.  If left untreated, the situation can cause serious problems, so Kip’s fears aren’t unfounded.  But the occurrence of vision loss or eye damage is rare, and we don’t intend to leave it untreated.

 Sometimes watery eyes can be caused by blockages in the eyes’ “plumbing”.  Usually tears drain from the eyes, flow under the eyelids and down through the nasal passages.  But if this drainage system gets clogged somehow, the tears overflow into the eyes.  Of course, watering eyes can come from an infection or eye lid problem.  Indeed, maybe Kip really is crying.  Certainly with all the problems his loved ones face, and the world is experiencing, there’s plenty to cry about!  However, Kip is a positive person who focuses on the good news (when it can be found).

I think we’ll assume we have good news with his eyes and buy an over-the-counter medication for dry eyes.  It that doesn’t improve the situation, we’ll probably try the doctor.

But for Kip, medical issues are a concern as he doesn’t have health insurance.  Eight years ago he suffered a heart attack, and after was only able to (barely) afford Cover Colorado.  And that would have only covered catastrophic problems.  Finally he got with a group plan, and as it climbed to over $1,000 a month and our income plummeted…  Well, let’s just say we’re hoping he’ll make it healthily to Medicare, even if he has to cry his way there

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13 Responses to “Weeping Eyes”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I remember having Kip help me in many ways, more than just sleeping under my bed, which I don’t remember to clearly, since I was enjoying the pain medication the hospital was giving me. Kip, thanks for all you have done for ouw family. Love you

  2. Jeff Says:

    Why are all the adds in spanish?

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