Trying to Get it Right

How many of us have thought longingly “if only”.  “If only I’d bought that property, invested in Microsoft early on, hadn’t put money into Enron, bought a larger life insurance policy for my spouse, been nicer to my mother-in-law who left it all to the other in-law, etc. etc.” 

 One of Kip’s “if only’s” is “I’d stuck with Amway”.  We got so far, in our early college days, to fill our parents’ garages with the “goodies”.  We sold a little, used a little and threw away a lot before moving on to other things.  One was Shakley.  We had a small shack on the property where we lived that we even dubbed “The Shak” after this greatest of all new multi-level marketing opportunities.  I have to admit,  I think using their protein shake helped me to feel better through my fifth pregnancy than I did  the other four.  But old habits die hard, and soon we were trying to figure out how to get rid of all the stuff so we could convert “the Shak” into a bedroom for our oldest son.  He needed some space from us and his little brothers.  Again, we used it all till we overdosed on vitamins, gagged on protein drink, and cleaned every surface we could find.  By this point, we had 5 boys – requiring a dumpster service as opposed to one dinky trash can.  Good thing!  That’s where the rest of the Melaleuca went. 

Bad memories fade, hope holds fast and soon there were calling card, travel, and car additive MLM’s.  We’re the ones they talk about at all those meetings – the “failures” who can never get it right.  But then Pre-Paid Legal came along, and our expectations soared.  Here, finally, instead of lots of product, was a service!  No need to kick a son out of his room and fill it with soap and vitamins!  We gathered lots of momentum, got a large group to buy plane tickets to Oklahoma City where the national event was scheduled.  We were movin’ and shakin’, finally found our “niche.”

Days before we were to all leave together, a tragedy took the life of one of our most enthusiastic members – a young and beloved son of another of our group and dearly loved by us too.  The service for him was the day of the national event.  Kip gave the talk at his Memorial.  Needless to say, though we retain the services of PPL and have benefited from their services on numerous occasions, aggressively trying to rekindle that spark seems disloyal to our loved one and resurfaces the painful memories of that time.

But, being thick-headed as we must be, a few years later, along came Agel.  We were off and running again.  We surely must be true MLM disciples.  But it stops there.  We evidently didn’t possess the skill, smarts, stick-to-itiveness that success in this market demands.  We went to the events – flew to Florida, Georgia, California, drove countless times through horrendous snow storms over passes to get to Denver – just to have the privilege of spending way more than we ever made!  At least we got a good tax write-off that year.

Most things grow with time, certainly stupidity must.  Because here we are – another new MLM has enticed us!  But perhaps, just possibly, all our past “training” has led us to this fortuitous opportunity.  Maybe the bad economy makes this product the right one.  We certainly won’t be filling a garage with supplies.  If we could, it would be great because the product is gold and silver coins!  Another thing that is intriguing and perhaps timely is our painfully acquired computer skills.  Though they were long in coming to us Baby Boomers- they did come (admittedly, through computers being spoken to very roughly and nearly heaved out the window.  Not to mention wearied teenagers wanting to speak to us roughly and heave us out the window as they went over and over and over again – “No, Dad, this is the ‘on’ button.”  or  “Mom a file is what you put into a folder, not the other was around.”  “Hit ‘copy’ then ‘paste’.”).  We can now maneuver around the things pretty well, can send attachments to our e-mails, watch videos – and with sound no less!  So, taking a positive view of learning curves involving MLM’s (many “how to” books sold at garage sales, attending  meetings, rallies, etc.) and computers (causing estranged children and debilitating viruses and crashes), Kip and all seven of our sons are collecting these beautiful, shiny silver and gold dollars ( that years ago our grandfathers gave to us at Christmas.  And there’s another “if only” – we’d saved them! 

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