Walls Closing In

Ten months ago, the idea of having Mom live with me looked a lot different than it does now.  I’m still committed, but I’ve had a major attack of “cabin fever”.  Certainly it has a lot to do with being cooped up for days on end with Mom repeating the same things over and over and over again.  And her asking me if it’s ok for her to put her nightgown on, or announcing she’s going to the bathroom every time she goes (which is about 50 times a day).  Or “can I have more Insure?”  Or the any number of things we go through time after time.  Mom isn’t the person she was when she and I were closer than any mother and daughter I knew of.  But I was aware of that going into this. 

I have a little bit of an answer, I think.  This new business Kip is doing (www.numisone.com/silverismoney1) has its promotional on-line things you can listen to.  Since he and I share our office, I often overhear some of it.  This one guy had seven great ideas to, as  he said, “reset your ‘on button'”.  Of course, he was targeting the MLM, but they seemed very applicable for me (or anyone) who’s ready to scream for whatever reason.  They seemed good enough to share, so here they are: 1)  Take a walk (if Kip is here, I can do that.  If he’s not, I can always sit on the porch.  Even in the winter here in Colorado, it’s usually pleasant enough.)  2)  Get some exercise.  That’s harder for me, but not impossible.  I could do some jumping jacks or run up and down the stairs a few times.  3)  Take a nap.  Now that’s right up my alley and I do it often.  4)  Eat.  No problemo there!  “Not eat” would be better.  Don’t give me any more excuses!  5)  Change your posture.  OK, I’ll bend myself into a figure eight.  6)  Give yourself a good “talking to” and use the mirror.  I can do that.  No one can scold me better than me.  7)  Do somthing good for someone else without expecting anything back.  Of course, I’m doing that all day for Mom.  I’ll have to change the benefactor for this to work, I think.

So with a new plan under my belt, maybe I won’t feel like such a martyr.  Also, the big event this week will probably be “the event” for the entire year!  Our seven sons and their 6 wives went together for our anniversary and bought us a train ride to Denver!  Included is three nights in a swanky downtown hotel and some meal allowance!  Kip and I did that last winter, and it was the most relaxing “get-a-way” I think I’ve ever had.  First of all, the train is like stepping back into the past, only not uncomfortable seats.  So much more room and luxury (to my way of thinking) than an airplane that may or may not require heroics to keep someone from blowing it up (which I’ve mentally prepared myself to do.  Not blow it up, but employ all the heroics this 62 year-old body can manage!).  Also, no lines or strip-searches.  You can acess your stuff any time you want.  And the conductor still wears the big hat and uniform and yells “All Aboard!”  The food – let me tell you, it’s not Lunchables or Snackables or whatever the airlines serve if they bother to serve at all.  We had filet and it was delicious.  Alcohol is another bonus if you imbibe, which we do!   And if you really want a treat, get a sleeper.  They’re not that much more and the food is included in the price.  You can even have it delivered to your room.  Last year I wanted to live on the train for the rest of my life.  Just ride all over the place, get off for a couple days when the stop is near loved ones and then hop back on.  I realize Kip would have to “up” his GYI (gross yearly income) to support me in this endeavor.  But I’ve dreamt about it ever since.  I’m a train disciple, no doubt.  By the way, two of my boys don’t share a wife, the youngest isn’t married.  I realized the “seven son and six wives” thing may have caused some consternation.

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  2. Jeff Says:

    Great entry. We are also going to Denver on the train Sat (the day you return). I haave made the trip once and it is great. Our brother Mike took the train from Grand Rapids, Mich. to Grand Junction, CO with a sleeper and also found it to be great. As long as you do not have a specific time frame you can really enjoy the trip (they are always late). Hope you have a great time.