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Aaron with our newest cook, Lori

Aaron with our newest cook, Lori

My  fourth son has only been married two years,  but we had a wonderful dinner at their house the other night.  Lori had a beautifully set table with antique china with a pink rosebud border and beautiful candle holders.  It’s comforting to know that the younger set enjoys the things our grandmothers, mothers, and we ourselves loved!

Our food was wonderful – a baked rump roast.  It initiated an interesting conversation about Lori not being a vegetarian anymore.  I hadn’t even known that!  I asked her what prompted the change, as she hadn’t been eating meat for many years.  She told us that she and Aaron had gone camping and he’d bought some steak to throw on the coals, and she’d brought pasta for herself.   As she was smelling the wonderful sizzle of the steak,  she said it practically “begged” her to have some.  Her body just craved meat for the first time in many years.  So she ate some, and it tasted wonderful.  She continued to slowly add meat to her diet, and feels healthy and stronger than she has in a long while.  This isn’t a plug for the cattlemen,  I just thought it was interesting how her body sort of “spoke” to her,  perhaps conveying a nutritional need.  After awhile maybe she won’t feel that way.  In any event she looked radiant and cooked expertly.  Aaron topped off the meal by using a blow torch on her creme brule, giving it its usual sweetly crispy finish.

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