Moving on with inlaws!

My fifth daughter-in-law and her husband,  Daniel, lived with us for about a year a few years back.  There are so many areas to think about and stories to relate, but since I’ve begun with my girls and their cooking, I’ll stick with that.  Aliya was amazing in the way she could be dealing with an unstocked fridge and empty pantry, and concoct a tasty dish with whatever she could find.  For one (me) glued to the cookbook since I was married, this was an amazing feat!  I don’t think I ever saw Aliya even glance at a recipe or cooking magazine, let alone a cookbook!

My answer when I’m alone at mealtime has always been cheese and crackers.  But not Aliya.  Even when it was just herself, she’d come with a healthy, scrumptious dish that I was always thrilled to share with her.

Making something from nothing.

Making something from nothing

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