Last but not Least!

Our sixth son, Jacob,  always said “though I’m not the last, I’ll always be the baby.”  And now he’s married to a beautiful red-head and has a little red-headed two-year old who makes our heats dance!  Jacob and Becky lived with us during their entire pregnancy.  She, like Aliya, is deft at making something out of nothing!  (It sort of sounds like my pantry is always empty!)

Our "Granola Girl"

Our "Granola Girl"

Jacob and Becky have been teased by Jacob’s brothers about being the “hippies” in the family.  That’s only because they’re very laid-back in their approach to life – and also like to shop at health food stores.  They’re also knowledgable about things like “trans-fat” which is a little “Greek” to me.  I was treated with observing Becky all through her pregnancy feed her darling baby and herself  (and Jacob) with amazing bean dishes where the beans soaked for days, or grew something.  It was all new and interesting for me.  There was a time in my earlier life when I was a “true” hippie (I’ve changed my ways and don’t recommend that life-style now).  I did shot at the health food stores, but only  grew things to smoke.  It was so long ago I hardly remember it (or don’t care to).  So Becky in the kitchen was something I loved watching.

I’ll be in keen anticipation of loving my seventh daughter when my seventh son gets married.  I hope she doesn’t read this blog about the cooking of my other girls and think she’s got measure up to some standard.  By then I’ll probably be blogging away about something else anyway!

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