Walls Closing In

Ten months ago, the idea of having Mom live with me looked a lot different than it does now.  I’m still committed, but I’ve had a major attack of “cabin fever”.  Certainly it has a lot to do with being cooped up for days on end with Mom repeating the same things over and over […]

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Trying to Get it Right

How many of us have thought longingly “if only”.  “If only I’d bought that property, invested in Microsoft early on, hadn’t put money into Enron, bought a larger life insurance policy for my spouse, been nicer to my mother-in-law who left it all to the other in-law, etc. etc.”   One of Kip’s “if only’s” is […]

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Mom and a World Class Artist

Last night, Dec. 26 2009, one of my boys (the one married to the beautiful Sandra introduced in “What About In-Laws?”.) took his wife, Mom and I and our friend Diana to Aspen.  Our first stop was a quaint little coffee shop called Victorias.  It was hardly a coffee shop – all the yummie-looking goodies made […]

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Weeping Eyes

The “one who cares for everyone”  is an unusual person by the name of Kip.  He’s supported “the Bologna”since she was 14.  He’s shared all the problems she’s had.  In the blog ab0ut “Ones Mom Sometimes Remembers”, ” the Bologna”  spoke about Jeff  “In a Long Hard Fight” when he was in a hospital for a ruptured spleen and […]

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A Long, Hard Fight

When my “people-mover” van has a problem, I take it to the Chrysler dealership two hours away in Grand Junction, Co.  There’s a number of reasons for using this dealership rather than the one closer to home.  One –  we bought the Town & Country from them, two – they give incredible service as opposed […]

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