Worrisome Wounds

 A few years ago, Mom fell going up the three concrete steps to her front door at her home in Ohio.  It was amazing how long it took this wound to heal.  It didn’t require stitches or a doctor’s care, but was scraped and swollen and badly bruised.  This was during the time when she was […]

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What About the Beans?

One of our wonderful red-headed girls, the one who has the little red-headed beauty, served us beans the other night.  Well, ok, along with some other (wonderful!) foods.  She did some things I’d never heard of – like putting mangoes in her quacomole, which was extremely tasty.  But along with the delicious meal, she gave me […]

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“A Memory That Doesn’t Remember”

Mom’s lack of short-term memory is taxing and requires an infinite amount of patience.  In normal, day-to-day living, this is a challenge.  But recently family members faced serious health and legal issues.  During crisis, her lack of remembering anything for even 60 seconds has sent me “over the edge”.  My husband and I have tried […]

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“Eyes But Cannot See”

Along with trying to make Mom young again, the next target was her eyes.  I’d taken her to a local ophthamologist who has a very good reputation.  She did a complete examination.  Her recommendation was that it would be of no benefit to give Mom a new prescription for her glasses, as she had a […]

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“Ears But Cannot Hear”

When Mom first came to me, she was very underweight – 107.  She has osteoporosis and is extremely stooped which probably brings her height from its previous 4’10” to 4’6″ -8″.   Other than her demetia, she didn’t have too many health problems.  Ocassionally she would have trouble swallowing or even spit her food back up, sometimes vomiting.  […]

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